Saturday, June 11, 2011

David Godziek Backyard Trails

Here is an unknown rider from Poland in his backyard trails... you didn't see this coming.


Dawid Godziek spring dirt edit 2011 from ciamaN on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brett Banasiewicz - Progression

Spotted this over on @twitter and it defiantly deserves sharing. A few discussions on the internet as to what it actually is..... Some saying 540 flair? I am going to call it out and claim corkscrew/flat spin 900 but either way enjoy the trick for what it is.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daniel Chiarelli Bike Check + Interview


Dans new bike for his U.S.A Trip is looking way dialed thanks to Drift Bikes so SBMX decided to catch up with him, get the low down on his new ride and ask him some questions!

Dan tell us a bit about the new bike, Loving the Green and Gold!

Frame: S&M Cam Wood 2
Fork: S&M Pitchfork XLT
Headset: Animal
Stem: Colony Variant Top Load
Bars: S&M Grand Slam XLTs, cut down too 27.8"
Barends: Demolition
Grips: ODI
Cranks: 175mm Profile Race Cranks
Chain: Shadow Half Link
Pedal: Colony Plastics
Sprocket: 28th Tree Bikes , spline drive
Bottom Bracket: Snafu Mid 19mm
Front Hub: Profile Mini 3/8 Hub , With TI button head bolts
Front Rim: Eclat
Front Tyre: Fit FAF Folding 2.25 Tan Wall
Spokes: Stainless with Gold Nipples

Rear Hub: Profile Mini 3/8 9th TI Driver , TI 3/8 to 14mm button head bolts
Rear Rim: Eclat
Rear Tyre: Fit FAF Folding 2.3 Tan Wall
Rimtapes: Eclat
Seat: Odyssey Aitken Pivotal
Seatpost: S&M
Brake Calliper: Fly Clasico
Brake Lever: Fly Bikes
Brake Gyro : Odyssey GTX Detangler
Brake Cables : Odyssey Slic Linear with MTB gear cables
Mods: Odyssey London Mod, Drilled the Gyro Tabs


How long have you been riding bikes?
6 Years

Favourite place you like to ride?
I always love a good ride at the Slam Factory , however just recently done a QLD trip and im in love with Beenleigh.

How do you like working at Drift and how long have you been there?
Its pretty fun, real kicked back. Im glad that the guys took me on at the time i had just lost my licence for 12 months and my apprenticeship.

Do you think bmx is heading in a good direction at the moment?
Yes i do; the tricks that happening are getting pretty out of hand and theres a lot more people throwing down at the moment.

What do you think australia needs in terms of growing bmx?
a Woodward , or more indoors around the place, QLD and Melbourne have a strong seen, NSW needs to pick its game up.

How did the trip to woodward come about and how stoked are you on that?
Just like every other kid that saw it growing up and was Shocked on how good the place looked and you here about aussis going over and coming back and killing it, im hell stoked because i had no money and was going to work at Woodward East, however they were full of workers so i hit Woodward West up and they said if i came over and camped first they would have work after, and i told my Parents what the go was and Mum was sour for a few days cause she new i wanted too go this year ,and then whipped out her crediet card and payed for Camp and my Airfares and said you better live it up and kill it. So its sort of all happened really fast these last few weeks have been flying. Also like too thank my Mum.

Who are you sponsers and how do they help you out?
Rampant Clothing , they hook me up with my threads and headwear , big shout out to Erin for the support , make sure to get across to there making quality products at the moment.
Team Rider for the Slam Factory , they help me save my pennies and with riding every Tuesday night and Saturday night , the place is starting to look good every time i roll up theres always new ramps getting built or have already been built,
Drift Bikes, big shout out to Rob if it wasn't for him i probably wouldn't be where i em at the moment , drift have helped we with bikes and parts and what not .
Be sure to get into the Newcastle Drift Bikes to see Ash shops looking dope at the moment.

There you go, looks like dan is getting looked after pretty well these days and knowing him personally i know he wants to shred hard for those guys and represent when he is in usa.
Daniel will also be rocking the new ShenanigansBMX Stickers when he is stateside and should have some spares with him so if you see him before he leaves hit him up for one!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Luke Bowerman Fresh

Some fresh new footage of luke killing it on his bike, some real street style coming out in him over the last 12 months! Some amazing clips in this one, he just keeps getting better and better. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ride On BMX - Keep it in Aus Frame Sale

Check out these great Deals from Ride On BMX Store.


Ride On Bmx
Shop 140 Boundary Street,
West End, Brisbane QLD

Phone: 07 3846 6295

Cam Hardy

This is a super solid Edit filmed out in California for Cam Hardy. Enjoy!

Cam Hardy - A Week In Cali from Mike King on Vimeo.

Bob Manchester

You should all be familiar with Bob's Backyard trails that himself and Matt Priest frequent in web edits (if your not then comment this video and ill get some new clips up asap). Monster Energy shipped out Bob to Austin Texas to get some new footage down and this is the result, Enjoy!

Bob Manchester In Austin from Mike King on Vimeo.

Joyride 150 - Mike Gray

A few videos of this newer indoor park from Canada have been popping up lately, Thankfully Mike Gray had the goods to get it done and this is the result. Enjoy!

Joyride 150 - Mike Gray from Justin Browne on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kyle Baldock

New edit from Kyle that has been floating around for a few days, Apologies i would have had this up sooner but have been away for work.

Some Amazing riding in here, will have to get up to GC Compound this year park looks great, Enjoy!

Mirraco Must See: Kyle Baldock - More BMX Videos